20th marriage anniversary gifts ideas for your parents

Gorgeous Personalized 20th Anniversary Gifts Plate
Gorgeous Personalized 20th Anniversary Gifts Plate

Modern 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas that will thrill your parents and become treasured keepsakes

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Twenty years is an impressive milestone and one that deserves to be celebrated in style. As the child of this successful 20yr union you might want to encourage your parents to celebrate with a vow renewal ceremony! If you were able to organise and pay for the party all the better. It would be a very touching surprise gift.

20th. Anniversary

A smaller less expensive gift to mark this impressive 20yr milestone would be a commemorative, keepsake gift of some form. Commemorative gifts include personalized items usually for the home that they both share, or matching his and hers accessories that each can enjoy individually.

Have a look at this bold handpicked 20th wedding anniversary gift selection. No one knows your parents like you do, so from the selection below, imagine which type of gift might best suit your own parents unique personalities and mark their marriage milestone.

China Represents 20years of marriage

If you’re looking for a traditional 20th wedding anniversary gift, twenty years of marriage is usually celebrated with China hence commemorative, personalized China or procelain plates are very popular.

There is however a new ‘list’ of appropriate gifts which suggests that Platinum is the modern gift of choice for a 20th wedding anniversary.


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