30th Wedding Anniversary – pearl themed gift ideas for parents

Thirty years of marriage is an impressive milestone – mark it with a commemorative gift


30th wedding anniversaries are traditionally celebrated with a gift that has a ‘pearl' theme. Real Pearls are very expensive though they make a wonderful exclusive anniversary gift from the husband to his wife.Satin Pearl 30th Wedding Anniversary Collection

As a joint gift however from child to parents, a pearl theme is

all that is required and can be every bit as special. More so if it is a personalized commemorative 30th wedding anniversary gift. Commemorative gifts become keepsakes and as such are always treasured and admired.

Here are some pearl themed 30th wedding anniversary gifts that you can customize online when you order via ZazzleZazzle is a world leader in customized gifts and you can trust their print and product quality. I ordered a plate from them myself recently and can verify both of these things. Page down further for pearl jewelry items that can be bought for mom.

  • 30th Wedding Anniversary Wall Clock
  • Merchant:Zazzle
  • Description:This customizable 30th Wedding Anniversary Wall Clock is designed on the clock and would interest those who like 30th wedding anniversary, pearl wedding anniversary, 30th, pearl, wedding anniversary, anniversary wall clock, and wall clock stuff.
  • Price: $33.10
  • Retail Price:$33.10
  • 30th Anniversary Glitter Confetti Surprise Party Card
  • Merchant:Zazzle
  • Description:This customizable 30th Anniversary Glitter Confetti Surprise Party Card is designed on the invitation and would interest those who like confetti, surprise, surprise party, glitter, invitations, gold, and surprise anniversary party stuff.
  • Price: $2.01
  • Retail Price:$2.01

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