45th Wedding Anniversary Sapphire Gifts Personalized

Personalized 45th Wedding Anniversary Gifts with a Sapphire Theme for your parents, colleague, friends or family members.

These 45th wedding anniversary gifts are commemorative, many can be personalized and they make wonderful keepsakes. 45yrs is a significant marriage milestone and if you're planning a special anniversary party for your parents to celebrate you may also find the 45th wedding anniversary party selection to your liking.
The party collection includes invitations, favors, napkins, tableware all of which can be personalized with your parents names, the date of the wedding, the date of the anniversary and any other details you wish to include.

45th wedding anniversary gifts do not have to be blue or Sapphire themed, this is entirely your own choice based on what you think your parents would prefer. If you're buying a decorative item you may want to consider your parents home decor.

Personalized 45th Wedding Anniversary, Buck & Doe Porcelain Plate
Sapphire 45th Wedding Anniversary Porcelain Plate
Personalized 45th Wedding Anniversary, Geese Plate


Sapphire Themed Gifts

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