I’m Getting Married Bitches – personalized bachelorette gifts

So the bitch is getting married – Awesome celebrate in style!

getting married bitches tshirts bachelorette giftsThrow a Bitchin' Party with these outrageous trendy Bitch Bachelorette Goodies. Featured is my handpicked selection of modern trending ‘getting married bitches' t-shirts, mugs and hen gifts. Items include some that can be personalized with the Bachelorettes name or the name of those in the hen party.

Getting Married Bitches -Personalized Bachelorette T-ShirtGetting Married Bitches -Personalized Bachelorette T-Shirt

Add the Bachelorettes name to this personalized ‘getting married bitches' t-shirt gift. It features gold glitter lips (very trendy) barbed wire and script. All the text and graphic elements can be edited, removed, changed. You can also change the t-shirt style and color.

  • Bitch Set
  • Retail Price:$40.00
  • Manufacturer:W. Frankie

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