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Below is a cross section of some of questions you guys ask online (not me specifically) regarding gifts ideas, gift etiquette and so on. This list is a drop in the ocean when it comes to what people are asking re gifts. It just goes to show how keen many are to get it right. We don't want to give gifts that are unappreciated. We want to give gifts that hit the right note! If you want gift giving advice, pop your query in the comment form below and I will endeavor to answer it. In the meantime I shall be working my way through this list!

Wow him with a gift that fits his style & taste

Gift Wrapping: What's a good way to present my girlfriend these ballet tickets for her 30th birthday?
Gifts: What are some “out of the box” gift ideas?
Birthdays: What is the best food for kids birthday?
Birthdays: What do people lose out on when they don't tell anyone their birthday?
Kids' Birthday Parties: What is the best gift for 5 years old boy?
Birthdays: What will you do in your 24 birthday?
Gifts: What kinds of gifts can I give my girlfriend?
Gifts for Kids: What's the coolest birthday present to buy for a four year old boy right now?
Birthdays: Is it better to ask a person what he/she would like as a birthday present or take a risk and get something not knowing whe…
What are some nice but cheap gift ideas for a school friend on her birthday?
Gift Giving: What do you give to the person in your life who has everything?
What's the best gift a brother could present to his sister on her marriage?
Brothers: What is the best present for a five year old?
Which is the best gift to give to your brother/sister?
What would be the best gift to give to a brother/sister living outside India?
Gift Wrapping: What's a good way to present my girlfriend these ballet tickets for her 30th birthday?
Which is the best gift for sister on her wedding day?
What's the best farewell gift you can give to your elder sister on her wedding?
What is best gift for a newborn baby girl from her brother?
What is the best gift you have given to your sister on her birthday?
What is the best gift I can purchase for my brother and sister-in-law on their wedding day?
Anniversaries: What would you want to know about someone who has worked for your company for 45 years?
Anniversaries: For how many more years do we celebrate our Independence Day?
Anniversaries: What unique things have organizations done to celebrate their anniversay?
Weddings: What is the most creative groomsman gift you've received or know about?
What are some romantic ideas for first wedding anniversary?
What are the modern wedding anniversary gifts by year?
What are some good surprises for the 25th wedding anniversary?
What are the best wedding anniversary gifts for women?
What are the most intimate wedding anniversary gifting ideas?

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