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How To Give A Great Personal Gift On Her Birthday or Anniversary
By Daya Sugden

A woman's birthday or anniversary is a very special day for her and yes, her expectations are riding high on the kind of gift that you give her on this day. And, if you are determined to give the love of your life a personal' gift, all the better. But, do you know what is a personal gift?

What do you mean by a ‘personal' gift?

A ‘personal' gift could mean a lot of things to different people. The dictionary defines the term ‘personal' as meaning ‘one's own'; ‘individual'. Many of us confuse ‘personal' with ‘personalised' which is entirely something else. A handkerchief monogrammed with her initials or even one of those naff identity bracelets that were almost on a comeback trail till recently could be called ‘personalised'. A personal gift, on the other hand, means something that is individual to the recipient, something appropriate.

How to give a personal gift?

The key is to start by thinking long and hard about who the recipient is. Any gift involves a lot of emotional factors as well, and none more than a personal gift. So, your gift really depends on how well you know the person. The better you know them, the more on target you can and will be. And yes, the golden rule is never to get anything too personal for a mere acquaintance. You don't want to blow anything by coming on too strongly right away.

Why a woman would love to receive a personal gift?

Getting a personal gift from the one she cares about is a big high for a woman. And, it tells her many things.

1. To start with, she feels very special and cherished
2. It tells her that you took the trouble and effort to find a gift that so matches with your interests and passions, likes and dislikes and hobbies
3. It shows your sensitive and thoughtful side, and trust us, woman set great store by that quality in a man

Types of personal gifts

A Beauty Gift
Whether she is 14 or 55, every girl (or woman) likes to pamper herself. So a gift hamper of her favourite beauty brands is a safe option. Or for a more original touch, how about a beauty treatment voucher or a day at the spa?

A Mini-break
A fantastic gift possibility, particularly if you sprinkle on some personal touches. Such as a welcome champagne drink on arrival, an exotic dinner or a safari; she'll adore you forever.

A Trend-setting Gift
If your girl is a trend-setter, then give her something that she flaunt before her girlfriends.

The secret lies in her personality
In fact, her personality should give you the clue for the type of personal gift you should get for her.

• Chilled out — how about music, films, a good book, a weekend at a country retreat, bath time gifts?
• Party girl — take her to see her favourite band. Give some jewellery to wear out?
• Confident go-getter — lingerie gift? Some thing trendy?
• Pampered princess — considered a mini-break or spa weekend or some fabulous beauty gifts?
• Free spirit — art and culture? How about handmade, or ethnic gifts?
• Earth mother — gift candles, incense, handmade ethnic gifts.
• Adrenaline addict — what about a gift experience?
• Lingerie — that's about as personal as a gift can get!

So, go all out and get her that personal gift and she see her eye lit up with pleasure.

Writing on gift giving, romance and relationships, Daya is a former journalist turned online expert. Regardless of the woman in question, she helps you to buy her birthday gift, covering the gamut from wife to sister and mum and even best female friend. Daya also offers you some sound advice for picking ideal gifts for her – gifts that please the most discerning of women

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