What Gift Can I Buy My Priest – thank you

What gift can I buy my Priest for this occasion?

New Priest ordination Gift Personalized Journal

Featured here are some guidelines on great gifts you can buy your Priest that they will enjoy, that commemorate the occasion and that reflect your appreciation. Whether you want to buy a thank you gift, anniversary of Ordination, newly Ordained Priest gift, seasonal or other; the options remain much the same.

Caution! Priests receive a great number of Bibles, Crucifix's, Rosary Beads, Religious Scripture Plaques as gifts. These are very much appreciated by your Priest however due to the volume they receive after a while many such gifts may be shelved, packaged away in storage or regifted to other Priests. This is purely a practical thing and not at all a reflection on your lovely gift. You can ensure this fate does not befall your Priest gift by following the guidelines below.

Religious Themed Gifts that won't gather dust – If you want to buy a gift which has religious significance (being mindful of other religious gifts your Priest might receive, here are some alternative choices which are less common and yet very desirable.
Priest Ordination Anniversary Personalized Candle

Personalized Rosary Box add name

Priest Gift Personalized Commemorative

Priest Gift Golden Jubilee Personalized Journal

Priest Anniversary of Ordination - Edit years

Priest or Nun Anniversary Gift - Edit Years

Modern Priest Nun Anniversary gift Personalized

Clergy Gifts - Personalized add yrs in service

Clergy Gifts - Personalized add yrs in service

Clergy Gifts - Personalized add yrs in service

Priest 25th Anniversary Ordination PersonalizedPriest Ordination Anniversary personalized giftPriest Ordination Anniversary gift personalized


Priest Ordination Anniversary gift personalized

Priest Ordination Anniversary Gift personalized

Anniversary of Priest Ordination personalized gift

Anniversary of Priest Ordination Gift personalized
Anniversary Of Ordination Priesthood Personalized Flameless Candle
Personalized Priest Gifts
Personalized Priest Gifts

All the gifts featured in this section can be personalized for your Priest by adding their name, date of the occasion or anniversary and the details of the Ordination. You can also add a line of scripture or some poetry or a personal greeting. The choice is yours! These gifts are also suitable for other members of the clergy including nuns, Deacons, Pastor etc.

Things to consider when buying your Priest a gift

Hobbies and Interests – Outside of the Church, does he/she have any interests or hobbies that you know of or can find out about? Does your Priest enjoy gardening, reading a certain author, music, fishing perhaps? If they do then a gift that can be used to enhance their enjoyment of these activities will be welcomed.. It will also show you know your Priest well!

personalized priest gifts thank you ordination anniversaryPersonalize it – To turn this practical gift into a commemorative Priest gift you can opt for a custom gift which are now widely available. You can have the item engraved or printed with the Priest's name, any relevant dates and the occasion.
APersonalized Rosary Box Add Name, Occasion Personalized Rosary Bead and Keepsake Box. 

A Priest will receive a great many Rosary Bead gifts, as such a good-sized keepsake box , personalized to commemorate the occasion is a perfect storage for his/her favorite ones. Here we have some wooden ones which come in 3 sizes. You can replace the image and edit the text to suit your requirements.

personalized-priest-gift-journA Personalized Journal

Many Priests enjoy keeping a Journal as well as all having reason to make notes about sermons, things to do and so on. As such a personalized Journal with a Proverb, Line of Scripture, Religious Image is a perfect gift. The Journals featured here can all be edited to feature whatever wording you deem appropriate. Add something that you feel is personal, memorable and suited to the occasion.

A Personalized Christmas Tree Ornament

Clergy Gifts - Personalized add yrs in service

Christmas tree ornaments meet a practical display purpose and a personalized one additionally serves a commemorate purpose. The Ornaments featured here can be edited with images and text. As a keepsake ornament these are likely to be kept and annually resurface around the Christmas holiday season.

Funny Gifts For Your Priest

You may be keen to buy your Priest a more light-hearted funny gift to celebrate his/her sense of humor. Featured here are some funny mugs and t-shirt gifts that you can gift to your Priest. My personal favorite ' The Sermonator' Tee!

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