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Retirement Gift IdeasRetirement can be a period of adjustment for most people, help make that transition a pleasurable one.

Whether it's a colleague who is retiring or a family member perhaps husband, wife, mother or father, you may be having trouble finding the perfect retirement gift to mark this momentous occasion. And it is momentous!

Retirement Gift IdeasIt is the start of a new chapter for the man or woman who is retiring. It is the end of their professional working life and they need to acclimatize to a slower pace, perhaps less responsibilities and less challenges. It can be a welcome retirement or less so.

The man or woman retiring may be having conflicting emotions about  retirement so if you're buying them a retirement gift make it sympathetic to how they feel and something that will lift them up and lighten the mood. Below are some ideas for suitable gifts. There are also some funny retirement gifts with a ‘getting older' theme. Give these to those you know can take it! 🙂

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